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1 an argument that is conclusive [syn: clincher, determining factor]
2 one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases [syn: determinative]
3 a determining or causal element or factor; "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life" [syn: determinant, determinative, determining factor, causal factor]

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-er determine


  1. A member of a class of words functioning in a noun phrase to identify or distinguish a referent without describing or modifying it. Examples of determiners include articles (a, the), demonstratives (this, those), cardinal numbers (three, fifty), and indefinite numerals (most, any, each).
  2. A dependent function in a noun phrase marking the NP as definite or indefinite. This function is usually filled by words in the determinative class but may be filled by other elements such as a genitive pronoun.
  3. Something that determines, or helps someone to determine, something else.
    • 1901: Azel Ames, The Mayflower and Her Log
      The "steel-yards" and "measures" were the only determiners of weight and quantity — as the hour-glass and sun dial were of time — possessed at first (so far as appears) by the passengers of the Pilgrim ship,




class of words
  • Dutch: determinator
  • Spanish: determinante
dependent function in a noun phrase
  • Dutch: determinator
something that determines
  • Dutch: aanwijzer
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determiner in The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language Huddleston & Pullum, 2002. CUP.

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